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An innovative, perceptive company. Fueled to deliver the most accurate inspection report, in less than 24 hours. With assistance of our modern technology, we are able to analyze the home in a full comprehensive strategy that could reveal costly issues such as unknown roof leaks, plumbing leaks, electrical defects , Mold and much more. Technology such as Thermal Cameras and Drones,  Industrial Grade Moisture detection, Air Quality Samples, allow 3-4  Hour Delivery time possible in most cases.  Every single family home inspection is protected by our 100 Day Warranty. Our analysis of the home promises to be the most detailed of the current market with descriptive comprehensive reports that assist the buyer in making the right decision. We are licensed and and insured with a reputation for good service. Our service extends past the inspection report. You will have questions and we are here to help! An energetic front office is always available as well as scheduled phone calls with your inspector. Your investment can be made with a peace of mind.



Buying a home is not easy. But the inspection can be.  Full Comprehensive Home Inspections, Mold Inspections, Air Quality Sampling, Wind Mitigations, 4 Point Inspections, Termite WDO VA Inspections, Sewer Scope Camera Plumbing Inspections. All available online, 24 hours a day. With detailed reports, descriptions and estimates, our inspections will leave you fully informed about your future investment. Whatever your inspection needs are, We're here to help — providing the highest level of personalized inspection services to create a unique and satisfactory experience for all our clients. Check out some examples below.

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Whether its a one bedroom nook, or a small castle. You will know every detail of it, before executing any contracts. Flip it or live in it, Visually detailed reports with pictures, easy to read descriptions and estimates, our inspection report will be the strongest negotiation tool in the transaction.

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Many types of mold that form in the home can also cause health problems in humans and animals, especially those who already have asthma, allergies, or weakened immune systems. Initial health issues due to the presence of mold can be eye irritation, fatigue, and respiratory problems. Mold is also especially harmful to children—just a few days of exposure to mold can cause health problems, so finding and removing mold if necessary is top priority.

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Many homes in Florida are built with wind-damage mitigation features that help protect them from the heavy wind and rain experienced in a hurricane or tropical storm. Homes and businesses with such features may qualify for policy premium discounts by documenting any approved features through a wind mitigation inspection or other inspections required by the insurance carrier.

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5 star service has no limits, take a look at what the customers are saying:

Eagle Eye Home Inspections was our Home Inspector for our very first home. Oscar was recommended and selected by our realtor and he did not disappoint. Even our realtor said that once I meet him, I will feel like he's family. Sure enough, our realtor was right. Oscar was early for our scheduled home inspection. Once he completed the home inspection, he provided detailed notes, and did not sugar coat anything. He explained everything and provided us insight and guidance on how to resolve the issues he found. He also provided us an in-depth report of all those notes he recorded along with every picture he took during the home inspection. I even printed out his 60+ page home inspection report that we received from the online portal and bound it at Office Depot so we can review and resolve all the issues he had pointed out. It's such a detailed report that we have been using it as a checklist for completing all the required action items. Oscar is very patient and kind, and he has the heart of a teacher. He educated us throughout the whole home inspection process. He made himself available whenever we needed some feedback or some Q&A sessions regarding our home. In fact, he did our home inspection a couple of months ago but he was still available to provide us feedback and clarification even months later. He represents Eagle Eye Home Inspections exceptionally well. I highly recommend Oscar Martinez and Eagle Eye Home Inspections.

-Ehren Christian Sixton

I have done 2 inspections with Eagle Eye, I am not a realtor or in the business. So for my husband and I it was very a stressful time. We had the pleasure of working with Oscar which gave us confidence and security that we were getting a complete and professional inspection. It's not easy to trust someone or a company when you have no knowledge yourself. Oscar did an amazing job, had the report before 24 hours after inspection. Which was amazing. If you need a professional, whom you can trust this IS the correct company for you! Punctual, respectful to the owners & their property also. Thank you Oscar for all of the hard work that you and Eagle Eye Inspections do to help people like us feel confidence.

-Valerie Schrader

I wanted to give a shout out to Eagle Eye Home inspections because they did a home inspection for me a couple months ago and the owner Oscar is very thorough and knowledgeable. His prices are very competitive and he’s easy to work with. So if you’re looking to buy a house or you need to update your insurance trust me you’re in good hands with Eagle Eye.

-Thomas Garrigan