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Parkland Home Inspection

A Parkland Home Inspection Professional from Eagle Eye Home Inspections will inspect your Parkland home for structural deficiencies related to electrical problems, plumbing leaks, and HVAC components.

Our home inspections include wind mitigation, a four-point inspection, and roof inspection.  There are four main components to a home that typically need to be inspected: Roof, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC (air conditioning).  A four-point inspection focuses on these components to verify the age and condition of each component.

A Parkland Home Inspection includes:

Interior home inspection elements include: windows, ceilings, doors, garages, bathrooms, kitchens, interior flooring, electrical panels, laundry components, water heaters, visible plumbing, HVAC units and vents, and all visible particulars related to the interior of your home.

Exterior home inspection elements include: Outer walls, windows, patios, roofing, doors, driveways, walkways, fencing, gutters, water drainage systems, sprinkler systems, pool and liner (if applicable), and all visible particulars related to the unique exterior of your home and attached/detached units. 

During roof inspections, we check for signs of damage, curling shingles, broken tiles, and we will examine your ceilings for signs of water damage that may occur as a result of a faulty roof.  You will be given an inspection report with your roof’s age so that you can determine its life expectancy.  We will also inspect your home for wood destroying organisms (WDO) also known as termites.

We also handle condo inspections.  With condo inspections, we only inspect the interior of the unit, except when the exterior is not covered by the HOA or home owner’s association.

When purchasing a home, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible and since the “home buying” process seems to take forever, you definitely don’t want your inspection process to be lengthy.  Because of our extensive experience, we are able to quickly assess your home and provide you with quick results.  We will have a report to you within 24 to 48 hours following your inspection.

Eagle Eye Home Inspections has over 30 years’ experience in the home inspection industry with much of that experience in the Parkland, Florida area.

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Parkland Home Inspector and Home Inspector Cost

Eagle Eye Home Inspection services provide licensed and insured home inspectors in Parkland who are ready to provide comprehensive, affordable, and reliable home inspections for your residential units. We also provide wind mitigation inspections in Parkland and thorough four point inspections to cover all your bases. Our Parkland based home inspectors have several decades of experience in both home inspection and general contracting, giving them the industry insight, professional expertise, and well-rounded understanding of the structural parts of your house, enabling them to provide what you need whether that is a four-point inspection, a wind mitigation inspection, or an assessment for residential housing deficiencies related to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, and potential issues based on existing indicators of wear and age. Contact us now to get a quick quote or set an appointment and your professional results will usually be available for review within one business day of the inspection.

Parkland Home Inspection:

A Parkland house inspection Includes both exterior and interior inspections.

Exterior home inspection elements include:

Roofing, outer walls, doors, windows, patios, roofing, driveways, walkways, gutters/drains, fences, water drainage systems, sprinkler systems, pool and liner (if applicable), and all of the visible particulars related to the exterior of your home and any/all attached/detached units you may have.

Interior home inspection elements include: 

Flooring, windows, doors, ceilings, garages, bathrooms, kitchens, water heaters, electrical panels, laundry components, plumbing systems, HVAC components, and all the interior components of your housing unit.

Common examples include indicators of water damage, cracks, bowing, leaning, poor HVAC angles, clogged vents, pipe seals, roof age and quality, termite damage indicators, electrical system issues and the age of components, and a comprehensive analysis of every element of the home from top to bottom, inside and outside. Our reports provide the reliable and real data you need for decision making.

Parkland Condo Inspection: A Parkland condo inspection is very similar to the services we provide for houses but we typically only inspect the interior of the unit as the exterior is often covered by the home owner’s association. If the home owner’s association does not cover the exterior then the condo inspection can be expanded to cover an exterior inspection as well.

Parkland Home Inspector Cost

What does a Parkland Home Inspector cost? The cost of a Parkland inspection depends on the size and extent of the project. The best way to find out the cost is to call a customer agent. Our staff is always happy to assist and can provide a quick affordable quote specific to your individual property needs. There is never any pressure as we understand that you want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. But remember that we have over 30 years of experience in the industry and every quote we provide is designed to provide the highest quality level of professional service while maintaining affordability and competitive pricing. Some specifics to help estimate the cost of a Parkland home inspector will be the size of the unit/property, the type(s) of inspection requested, the purpose of the inspection, and other relevant factors that our agents will be happy to go over, but it will always reflect a dedication to excellence and quality that you will often not find in other home inspection companies. 

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